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Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit bound by innovation, we constantly redefine how we help clients with their insurance needs.

We have both in-house and outside staff and advisors available to help us provide the best service to you.
Bill Edgar
Company Principal & Agent
Tony Phillips
Community Outreach
Kent Elmore
  • 37 Years in corporate finance
  • Retired from global company five years ago
  • Listed in Marquis Who's Who in Finance and Industry
  • License over five years as an insurance producer in multiple states
  • Served over 15 years on a local Red Cross Chapter board
  • Licensed in:
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Pennsylvania
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee

Personally has a Medicare plan and understands what health care insurance decisions you can be faced with.
  • 15 Years in NY/NJ licensed mortgage financing
  • 12 Years as a real estate representative & agency owner/broker
  • 6 Years tax preparation GA/NJ
  • Combined 40 years professional sales
  • Retired from licensed mortgage lender company in 2010

These testimonials are from clients who we have helped with their insurance needs.

Worried about the COVID-19 Virus?

During the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we are able to help you remotely find the right policy for your particular circumstance.  

We have the ability to conduct an online meeting to discuss your questions and comments.  When you are ready to obtain Medicare coverage, we are able to help you sign-up remotely so you don't run unnecessary risk in coming in contact with the virus.

Check out our webinars page for upcoming presentation dates and times.
82% of Seniors Puzzled About Medicare Insurance

Due to a poll conducted eight years ago, 82% of seniors were puzzled about Medicare insurance with all of the plans letters and names.  Additionally, it also mentioned that seniors were always confused about Part D - prescription plans.  

Over those eight years, that 82% number hasn't improved.  As a result, The Edgar Group developed a no fee, online presentation called "Navigating the Medicare Maze" that we believe will help you better understand what Medicare is and what it isn't.  We also cover the various types of plans available to seniors eligible for Medicare or soon-to-be eligible for Medicare in this presentation.
We Do Our Best For You!

We match your individual needs such as doctors, health situations and prescriptions to the right policy available to you in your area and lifestyle.

The Edgar Group Insurance
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