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Medicare Educational Webinars and Videos.
These are video conference educational seminars

Navigating the Medicare Maze

Do you know that 82% of seniors don't understand Medicare?

We help you by covering in this presentation:

    • How do you enroll in Medicare?
    • When can I enroll in Medicare?
    • Are Part D Plans the same?
    • How to get "extra" help.
    • What is a Medi-gap or Medicare Supplement plan?

Navigating the Medicare Maze is a one time educational session held on various dates and times to accomodate various schedules.

To attend one of our free live online seminars, click on the register link for the session on the most convenient date/time for you.  (hint - these are good sessions to be able to ask questions and get answers live)

To listen to the pre-recorded session, please click the link for that session.

If you see, "Webinar at Capacity" for the registration link, all available seats for that session are taken.  Please register for another available session.
Seminar Title
Registration Link
Tues, Oct 13th7:00pm - 8:00pm
Navigating the Medicare Maze
Webinar at Capacity
Wed, Oct 21st2:00pm - 3:00pm
Navigating the Medicare Maze
Webinar at Capacity
Tue, Oct 27th2:00pm - 3:00pm
Navigating the Medicare Maze
Mon, Nov 9th11:00am - noon
Navigating the Medicare Maze
Webinar at Capacity

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