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The Edgar Group
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We are an independent insurance agency helping individuals navigate through the fog of Medicare insurance with personalized solutions for their own unique needs.

The Edgar Group Contact Information
Georgia office
912 - 755-1335
Pennsylvania office
814 - 598-1258
814 - 349-9090
Worried about the COVID-19 Virus?

During the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we are able to help you remotely find the right policy for your particular circumstance.  
We have the ability to conduct an online meeting to discuss your questions and comments.  When you are ready to obtain Medicare coverage, we are able to help you sign-up remotely so you don't run unnecessary risk in coming in contact with the virus.  Check out our webinars page for upcoming presentation dates and times.

We do our best for YOU!

We match your individual needs such as doctors, health situations and prescriptions to the right Medicare policy available to you in your area and your lifestyle.


Ann G.

The Edgar Group saved this retiree on a fixed income over $1,800 annually by showing Ann G. a no-premium Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug feature rich plan in her area that met her needs and that she felt comfortable enrolling in.

Jeri G.

The Edgar Group saved Jeri G. over $106,000 in prescription costs when an unscrupulous insurance agent changed her current Medicare insurance plan to a Medicare Advantage plan without prescription drug coverage.

Georgia (912) 755-1335  - Pennsylvania (814) 598-1258  -  Fax (814) 349-9090
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